I Quit My Job at Age 50

14 July 2019 Posted by: MaryJo Scamurra Empty Nest

What if every midlife crisis isn’t a crisis at all, but it’s a rebirth instead.


Why I Quit My Job at Age 50



So, I did something. Something a bit spontaneous, but not really all that surprising.  I quit my job. I could be having a midlife crisis, but I like to think of it as a rebirth. 




I have been entertaining the thought of doing it forever – but doesn’t everyone? I think it’s a fairly common daydream to picture yourself quitting. Maybe you imagine a feel good moment where the song “Take This Job and Shove It” is playing in the background as you tell your boss what he/she can do with the position, and then storm out while your co-workers enviously applaud and cheer you on. Okay, that’s a little extreme, but it made me laugh. Maybe you love where you work and the people you work with, but dream of having the freedom that an extra 40 hours a week will give you. Chances are, most of us fall somewhere in the middle.


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The motivation behind me quitting comes from having a difficult time lately staying focused. I could focus at the office at the task at hand, but when I came home I was drained and left feeling tired and uninspired to do much else.


I became restless last year. I had a life-threatening medical emergency that left me unable to work for five months while I recovered. I did quite a bit of soul searching during that time. I came close to an unexpected death, and it made me realize how short our time is. We always believe there’s enough time to do what we want to do later on in life. But, “later” is not guaranteed.


So the seed was planted, and I knew there were other things for me. I really didn’t know what things – and I still don’t – but I am ready and willing to find out.


Perhaps my restlessness and inability to stay focused were residual effects from my recovery, or maybe it’s another part of my new struggles with menopause. I really can’t say, I just know a change is in order.


This past February, I began this blog as a creative outlet. Blogging was something I had always talked about doing. I didn’t want to put it off until “later”. With having just turned 50, and dealing with new and challenging health issues, who knows if “later” would be there for me. Thanks to the blog, I am now learning new things and meeting interesting people every day.


Maybe it's a midlife crisis, or maybe it's a rebirth.


So what lays ahead for me? That’s a good question! I think I’ll practice what I preach and use my own Finding Your Midlife Path worksheet and see where it leads me.


I know I want to visit my adult children that both live in different cities, thousands of miles away from home. I am not good with air travel, so extended visits or maybe taking long, scenic Route 66 journeys may be in order. I’ll have time for that now.


However fun traveling sounds, this is definitely not retirement for me. I’m not one to sit still. I enjoy keeping busy, and I’ll continue to do so. I just don’t know with what yet. I’ll continue to blog and will look for other outlets. With any luck, I’ll find something I have a great passion for. I won’t be letting myself worry about it. For now, I am going to breathe deep and enjoy the journey.


Have you made a big change in your life when you reached midlife? Feel free to share your story in the comments below.