Empowering Women in the Workplace

Learn ways in which women can gain power in the workplace and how you can, too.



It’s no secret that men have held higher positions and better pay rates than women in the workplace. Today’s woman has put her foot down to such practices and, slowly, things are changing.


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It’s not easy to change a mindset, however. As a woman, you are every bit as deserving as your male counterpart.


The following are 12 ways women can gain empowerment in the workplace.


1.  Follow the Energy

Focus in on projects, people, and undertakings that give you a  positive energy lift. Avoid activities and endeavors with people that drain your energy. Start tuning into your energy level and feel a positive power grow.


2. Highlight your Talent

Discover what stimulates you. Move toward projects that you are talented at and excited about. Finding something you are passionate about will bring joy and determination.


3. Say Goodbye to Over-Functioning

Women suffer from perfectionism and the desire to over-control both at work and at home. Delegate tasks to others to lessen your burden. It will empower them with self-reliance and self-confidence while allowing you to achieve better productivity.


4. Stop the Denial 

If something isn’t working in your professional life, create a plan of action for addressing what needs to be changed rather than ignoring it until it mounts. Don’t prolong or postpone your suffering, instead redirect or release it.


Empowering Women in the Workplace


5. Keep Your Ego in Check

Don’t allow your ego to make your decisions. Power and control may point you in a direction away from what you are passionate about. Remember what you value and appreciate, and make decisions that reflect that.


6. Your Job Does Not Define You

You are more than your current professional identity. Over-identification can lead to emotional difficulty and limitations. You are a many-faceted individual. If you are not happy with who you are at work, seek out a workplace that will allow you to express who you are.



7. Always Stretch and Grow

You possess a deeper array of skills and capabilities than you are aware. Say yes to new opportunities that excite you, even if they scare you. The expansion will allow new strengths to emerge. Have the courage to be a beginner again, instead of being an expert at all times.


8. Find a Balance

It’s essential to have balance in both your work and home life in order to be confident and strong, both personally and professionally. Get clear about what life outside of work needs to embody so your priorities will come into focus and allow greater control over managing work life.


9. Ask for Support

Get some unbiased help. This can come in the form of a mentor, coach or career counselor, to name a few. This neutral support aims to assist you on your path by providing fresh insights and perspectives on how to reach your potential.


10. Realize Your Value

Men generally perceive their own value and take action based on that. Women find it more difficult to embrace and express their worth and value in the workplace. Don’t underestimate yourself. Be your own advocate and believe in yourself and your full potential.


11. Develop Goals

On paper, outline both short and long term goals for your work life that reflect who you are and what you wish to contribute moving forward. These goals should be specific and measurable, and without limits. Then begin to break them into smaller steps, and start to take action, continually reviewing your progress.


12. Step Up

Push yourself forward and be authentic to yourself. Develop a style that demonstrates your values on leadership, delegation, execution, and communication. The more you do this, the more apparent it will become if a change is needed in your professional life.



Employing these strategies regularly will put you on a lifelong path of professional fulfillment, empowerment, determination, and satisfaction.

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  1. DMC

    Number 3 is the best. Nothing is better than empowering other women! #girlboss

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