How to Recharge Your Tired Body

Helpful tips that are quick and easy ways to rejuvenate and refresh your body when you are feeling run down and exhausted.


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Does midlife exhaustion have you worn out? If you find yourself being less productive because you are too tired for much of anything these days, you are not alone.


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3 Simple Ways to Recharge Your Tired Midlife Body



As a middle-aged woman (generally thought of as a woman between the ages of 45 and 64), you have a great deal on your plate. Chances are that you work long hours in your career, while busy raising teens, and trying to care for your aging parents. You may be facing chronic illness or disease, and perhaps experiencing unhappiness in your marriage or even divorce.


If all that isn’t enough, women in midlife are now carrying more debt than ever, causing them a great deal of stress. Add all this up, then throw in dealing with the physical aspects of hormonal changes on top of it all, and it equals sheer exhaustion.




It can be completely overwhelming! While you, personally, may not be affected by each and every one of those circumstances, they are each enough to cause burnout and can certainly take a toll on your body.


When it comes to being productive, your body is equally as important as your brain. Your body needs to be cared for, or you’ll have a hard time finding the motivation to get through the day. You’ll experience decreased energy and be more likely to feel sluggish and worn out. And nobody has time for that!


The best way to get back into your normal productive routine is to recharge your body. You’ll find it easier to juggle your busy life with motivation and then you’ll be able to give your full attention to all of the projects on your plate. While there are many ways you can recharge, I am going to share three very simple ways with you.


1. Take a power nap


A power nap is a short nap that enables you to wake up feeling refreshed. The trick with a power nap is the timing. If you don’t nap long enough, then you may feel groggy upon waking. If you nap too long, then you’ll have a tough time getting to sleep when it’s bedtime.


Many people find that the best length of a power nap is between fifteen and twenty minutes. For the best results, stick to a regular nap schedule. Most doctors advise taking your power nap in the middle of the day. This will allow you to get the benefits of a power nap without it wrecking your sleep cycle.


2. Treat yourself to a massage


Many women spend a significant part of their day in front of a computer. When you sit all day like this, it’s easy to overwork the muscles in your neck and shoulders. That’s why it can be helpful to get a shoulder or neck massage.


Besides helping your muscles, a massage is an excellent way to increase your blood circulation and getting one will make you feel more alert. It’s also helpful if you suffer from chronic pain due to a medical condition such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.  You can opt for a day trip to the local spa, or you could find a massage therapist online through a website like American Massage Therapy Association.


3. Enjoy a mini-retreat


A retreat is a chance to withdraw from everything around you. It gives you the space to reflect on your priorities and sort through your emotions. A mini-retreat might be just what your body needs if you’ve been experiencing a difficult time, such as the diagnosis of an illness, the loss of a loved one, or just the stress and pressure of everyday life.


Your mini-retreat doesn’t have to last long. You can choose to have your own private retreat for just a few hours. Try to pick a place, or a series of places, that you can go where you feel peaceful and comfortable. Some suggestions might be a library, museum, or botanical garden.


For more ideas, check out the blog post 8 Small Acts of Self-Care for Midlife Women.


Your body is like a car. It requires care and maintenance to run well.


Remember that in many ways your body is like your car. It can get you to your destination but it does need regular care and maintenance in order to operate well.


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