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Calm your anxiety through journaling

Journaling is a proven method for managing anxiety. Anxiety looks and feels different to everyone, but one thing for certain is journaling has a calming effect and helps release built-up stress.

This bundle features 4 items:


Informative guidebook explaining the benefits of journaling for anxiety


Anxiety symptom tracking journal to help you find your anxiety triggers


Guided anxiety journal filled with prompts and affirmations


Self-love guided journal filled with prompts and affirmations

anxiety bundle pack journals

Anxiety has affected so many people recently. It is perfectly normal to experience anxiety in stressful situations, but there’s no reason for you to struggle through it without help. This package is designed to assist you in reducing and managing your anxiety symptoms to help you overcome them quicker.

Gain a deeper understanding and awareness by journaling to ease your anxiety.

* 4 PDFs included
* US Letter size
* Digital download, not a physical product


This product is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
This download is for NON-COMMERCIAL use and MAY NOT be forwarded, shared, or sold.