Bob Hope was a Funny Guy

Middle age brings about a lot of changes. Priorities change, and our bodies change. Whether we want that change or not.



Bob Hope was a funny guy


Oh, my middle age is showing, alright. In the past 24 months, my “middle” has endured countless prods, pokes, and procedures. I’m pretty sure Bob Hope could have used my follies as great USO tour material.


Over that short time span, I’ve had several abdominal surgeries including a total hysterectomy, emergency open colectomy with colostomy, open colon re-connection, and appendix removal. As if that weren’t enough, there were drains, tubes, colostomy appliances, abscesses, open wounds, wound vacs, infections…the list goes on and on. My poor mid-section has been through the wringer.


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I am happy to say that I am doing well today. It’s been about 12 months now on the road to recovery. While I am feeling so much better, my abdomen is quite a mess of scar tissue. It is so unsightly that I have a hard time covering it under my clothes. I’m sure that is partly my own fault. I have avoided any type of core strengthening, crunch or sit-up movement for the past year. Partly because I got lazy after not doing it for so long, but mostly due to my being afraid to exert myself, for fear I’ll rip something open or form a hernia. The last thing I want is another surgery!


The time has come to start working on improving my tummy muscles. I tried to do crunches a few days ago. I couldn’t even get past one. ONE! Is it because my muscles haven’t been used in so long, or are the muscles scarred beyond help? I don’t know but I’m not giving up. Yesterday, I managed to do 4 crunches. Maybe I’ll try for 5 today….or maybe tomorrow, ha! I have the all-clear from the doctor so slowly but surely, here I go.


As if midlife isn’t hard enough on my mid-section. Sheesh!


I’ll keep you informed as my progress moves along…and please, feel free to keep me motivated (because I have a feeling this might be easier to give up on than power through).





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