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Become happier through a conscious effort. Self-help information that includes a free workbook with characteristics of happy people and exercises to build up your happiness.


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Many people like to think that true happiness is not possible in life. Since life is full of ups and downs, there will always be different levels of happiness…but how happy you are depends on YOU.


You know that happiness does exist because you have, no doubt, had things that brought happiness to your life. Big things like falling in love or holding your newborn for the first time, or smaller things like playing with a puppy or climbing into a bed with fresh sheets. Something, at some time, has brought you joy.


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It’s important to note, happiness is not measured by wealth. It’s also not measured by reaching a specific goal, or by the circumstances in your life.


Happiness has nothing to do with your circumstances, but everything to do with how you react to them


What is happiness? The dictionary defines it as, “the state of being happy.” That doesn’t exactly answer the original question, now does it? Let’s take a look at a few things that happiness may be…but please realize, happiness is very much a personal thing, and completely in the mind of the beholder.


When you are feeling happy, usually your needs are being met. This doesn’t mean that you don’t experience hard or difficult times, it simply means you have made what you have in your life fill your needs.


If you’re happy, you tend to feel more satisfied with your life. You are able to look around at the many blessings you have. This leads to being content with what’s in your life – your home, health, job, etc. – there’s nothing nagging at you or causing stress. This, again, doesn’t mean happy people don’t experience stress, they are just better at feeling content when things are not perfect.


Happiness is a lifelong journey. There will be many highs and lows and plenty of struggles along the way. No matter where you are in your journey, you have the ability to be happy.


Happiness even plays an important part in a healthy life. Studies have shown that happy people are much more likely to eat healthier. Once you are eating better, you’ll end up with more energy. If you’re eating better and moving more, it increases your ability to fight off illness by improving immunity. So, being happy has health benefits.


Don’t allow self-damaging thoughts to hinder your happiness. These types of thoughts focus on what’s wrong, what’s missing, or the negativity of the situation instead of the positives. Did you know that being negative actually drains energy from your body? When you find yourself focused on a negative aspect of any situation, try to turn your mind around to focus on the positives.


Remember, it’s not about the ups and downs or highs and lows of life…those are completely normal. It’s about how you conduct yourself the rest of the time that leads to more happiness.


In my resource library, I have a free workbook that will help you build and strengthen your happiness.


I recommend finding a quiet place at the end of the day to sit and work on these exercises. Dig deep and be  honest with your answers. I’ve also included a list of the top characteristics of happy people. Take a look at what they do, and see how many of those things you can add to your day on a regular basis.


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Build Up Your Happiness

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