Finding Your Midlife Path

Navigate your way to discovering and determining your purpose in life now that you have reached middle age.



It may be time to redefine our purpose as we become middle-aged. A strong desire to find our path in midlife is very common.


Right now there are millions of women, just like you and me, entering the second half of their lives. What they really want at this point in life may not fit with what society tells us they want, or with what you and I really want. We are each different, after all. 


So often, our culture looks at midlife women as just aging, menopausal, empty nesters with graying hair and wrinkles. Yet, we middle-aged women know we are so much more. Can we be concerned with fine lines and turning the big 5-0? Absolutely, but it doesn’t need to define who we are.


Since starting Cool Bean Living, I have spoken with many midlife women about their views regarding positive and successful aging experiences. They have not only shared their amazing journeys, but they have also revealed their hopes, expectations, and goals for the second half of their lives.


How To Find Your Midlife Path


What I’ve learned is that midlife women are looking forward to this time of their life as a time of rebirth. It’s a time to explore new areas of interest. A time of opportunity to be who they really want, and the freedom to savor it. They spoke of the lessons they learned along the way, the wisdom their experiences have granted, and the ability to look ahead and accept new challenges. And, shocking as it may seem to “society” – many of these women are actually looking forward to growing older and enjoying the gifts that come with age.


While everyone agreed that they weren’t yet ready to be labeled as old ladies, not all the women I spoke to had a clear vision of their future. They didn’t have goals laid out. They were unsure of which direction to take. Some even felt they had been so wrapped up in the family they had raised that they lost their own identity along the way. We alone determine our worth and can decide which path to follow in the second half of our life.


Finding Your Midlife Path


What about you…what do you really want for your second act? This, of course, is not a simple question. To help determine which path would be best for you to follow, I have created a free worksheet to walk you through it. It will be a great tool in helping you discover your purpose as you move into the next phase of your life.

Free Printable Worksheet to Determine Your Second Act


Discover Your Purpose In Midlife


Be honest with your answers. Dig deep into your heart and soul, spending ample time on each question, rather than giving hasty responses.


By recording your answers, and re-reading them several times, you will begin to see a future path present itself to you. Don’t worry if something doesn’t jump out at you right away. Walk away from it for a while and revisit it a few times, you’ll be surprised at what you may learn about yourself.


The worksheet is designed to help you find what’s important in your life – your passions, your priorities, and your desired purpose. It’s time to realize it and begin living it.


After completing this exercise, did you have success learning which path you should be following? Did you see a purpose you hadn’t considered before? Please share in the comments below.


Other Resources


**UPDATE 5/28/20**
All free worksheets, planners and ebooks, and more are now conveniently available in my new Resource Library!


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Guide to Finding Your Midlife Path Finding Your Midlife Path How To Find Your Midlife Path

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Midlife Path”

  1. Hi Maryjo!
    Love this post, it’s so timely because so many of us boomers are reaching middle age! I have so many friends who are completely lost now that their kids are out of the house. They spent so long helping others, they don’t know what to do with their free time. It’s understandable. I went through a couple of years of “woe is me” after I turned 50, but then I turned into a tornado and started doing and learning all the things! I went to culinary school, got my fitness cert, learned photography….now I lament all the time I don’t have to do all the things I WANT to do! LOL! Love your blog 🙂

    1. Hi Melissa! I am definitely in the “woe is me” stage after dropping my youngest off to school and becoming a new empty nester. I hope I get out there and try all sorts of new things like you have. Kudos to you, that’s fabulous! 🙂

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