Why Your College Student Needs Amazon Prime Student


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I love the Amazon Prime Student account that I got for my son, and more importantly, so does he.


Do I think it is worth the cost? Yes, every penny. But, if you want to give it a try before spending anything at all, Amazon is giving away free trials.


why your college student needs amazon prime student  


It works much like the Amazon Prime you already use at home, but this one is tailored to the college student living away from home. 



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Who is eligible?

Any student enrolled in a school of higher education is eligible.


What does it cost?

Amazon Prime Student comes with a full 6 month free trial. After that, the cost is $59 per year. It can be paid in full or at a slightly higher rate of $6.49 each month. This is half the cost of the standard Prime. 


What is Amazon Prime Student?


It’s delivery as quick as…today

Depending on your location, items can be delivered as quickly as two hours. Our kids are notoriously impatient, as you well know, and with this service the most they will have to wait is two days for an Amazon shipment. It will give you peace of mind if they have forgotten something at home that they need, or are in need of an item for a project. 


It’s exclusive discounts just for students

Prime Student offers curated deals just for students so they can receive discounts on things they love like video games, fashion, Amazon devices and, of course, snacks!


It’s access to millions of songs

Prime Student includes over 2 million songs to listen to. As an additional bonus, students have the ability to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for just $.99 more each month, which includes over 50 million songs, all ad-free. I know I pay $7.99 each month for my Amazon Music Unlimited with the regular Amazon Prime membership, so this really is a fantastic deal and sure to be a big hit with the student.


It’s award-winning movies and TV shows

You are used to the great line up that Amazon offers, and now your student can stream any Amazon Prime movie, TV show and live sporting event without any worries about how many streams are allowed simultaneously on your account. I can’t tell you the number of times I have tried logging on to watch something and I got a message telling me too many other accounts where currently logged on and watching. Not any more!


It’s textbook trade-ins

Your student can trade in used textbooks to Amazon and earn back up to 80% of their value. This is such a great feature that will save your student time and aggravation, while giving them something back. The reimbursement comes in the form of an Amazon gift card.


It’s storage galore

Your student can store all their photos online with the Amazon Online Cloud. If they lose or break their phone, they will always have a back-up of their memories stored online. They can store photos, as well as 5GB of data for other files.


It’s gaming deals

Students will receive bonus games, free in-game loot and a monthly channel subscription to Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers.


How to sign up

To sign up, your student will need an .edu email account and the expected graduation year.


Amazon Prime Student




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