How to Get Excited About Home Exercise

Get motivated to jumpstart your home exercise workouts by varying your routine to keep it fun and exciting while continuing to social distance.


How to Get Excited About Exercising at Home


Have you grown tired of your home exercise routine? It’s time to learn ways to make exercising at home exciting again.


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It’s no surprise to anyone that in order to enjoy the benefits of exercise it needs to be done on a regular basis. When it is, it can work wonders and improve your:


  • Weight management
  • Sleep habits
  • Mood
  • Energy level
  • Heart health


But, let’s face it, exercising can get boring after a while. It especially loses it’s excitement when you are stuck at home, unable to use the gym or workout with your regular group of friends.


It’s too easy to become unenthused and begin to skip out on your workouts. After a while, you may even quit exercising altogether. So, what can we do to make exercising fun again?


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5 Ways To Get Excited About Exercising At Home


1. Switch Up Your Routine


Kettlebell Exercises


Anything done repeatedly can get boring real quick. Mix it up by doing it a little differently than usual. Varying things will help your routine from feeling stale and dull. For example, if you are used to jogging on a treadmill, go for a run outside instead. If you regularly use free weights in your routine, switch it up with some kettlebell stretches.


You may even end up burning more calories. When you repeat the same routine over and over, your body becomes efficient at it and burns fewer calories. Change things up to maximize the calorie burn.


2. Turn It Up


Woman Running With Earbuds


There’s no better motivator than some spirited music. When you get the blahs and don’t feel much like exercising, put on a pair of earbuds, and pump up the volume on your favorite music.


Looking for a free music service? If you have an Amazon Prime account, it comes with Amazon Music. They also offer an upgraded Music Unlimited service (I’ve had it for years and love it!). If you aren’t a Prime member, you can try it for 30 days free.


Need some playlist suggestions? Check out my posts:

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3. Get an Exercise Buddy


Social Distance Walking


Even in times of social distancing, it is still important to workout with a buddy. But why? Having someone to workout with is the best form of accountability. There are times when you don’t feel like exercising, but you won’t want to let your buddy down. Chances are your buddy won’t always feel like exercising either but will keep from letting you down.


So, how can you have an exercise buddy while social distancing? A fun way is to schedule a good time to walk with an exercise friend, then put your earbuds in and call each other. You can both talk and walk, and I guarantee it will make your walk much more enjoyable. If you are missing your regular workout friends, make it a conference call and include everyone on your walk … while distancing.


Need a good reason to walk? Here’s 5 Reasons To Walk Each Day.


4. Join an Online Class

Yoga at Home


Challenging yourself with an instructor is a great way to put some fun back in your exercise routine. You can pull energy and excitement from a knowledgeable teacher.


Yoga is a terrific outlet that doesn’t require much room and can be a good option, especially for beginners. Read more about it at Benefits of a 15 Minute At Home Yoga Class



5. Ditch the Scale

Ditch the Scale and Use Measuring Tape


Stop relying on a scale to measure your progress. A stagnant scale can quickly turn you off to exercising if it doesn’t show any progress. A much better way to gage the progress you are making (or not making) is to measure your waist, hips, upper arms and thighs with a cloth measuring tape. In many cases, you lose inches rather than pounds.


Knowing that muscle weighs more than fat, the number you read on the scale can be misleading. I am not saying you should throw your scale away but try to only use it as a method of tracking your progress, but not the sole method.


I hope you will use these tips to put some excitement back into your workouts and make them fun again.

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