Build and Maintain Relationships as an Introvert

Socializing tips for introverts to build and maintain relationships.


Introvert Tips to Build and Maintain Relationships



Are you an introvert? By definition, an introvert is someone who prefers calm environments, gets drained by socializing, and recharges by being alone.


It is perfectly normal to be an introvert. Studies have shown that 30 to 50 percent of people in the United States are introverts, so obviously, it’s not uncommon.


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Introverts are not all the same. Some can easily handle social situations before needing a recharge, while others drain quickly and prefer being alone more frequently. Many introverts fall somewhere in the center of those two groups.


It can be difficult to be an introvert when it comes to relationships. Social skills are required in life, there’s just no way to avoid it. It will take some strength and initiative to develop personal relationships and achieve success professionally.

The following steps will help ease an introvert into social situations.


1.  Be Selective

Choose someplace comfortable to start. A quiet restaurant with a small group will be less draining than a noisy bar with a large crowd, for example.


2.  Feel Confident

Consider a fresh haircut or new pair of shoes for the occasion. Whether it’s something new you’ve purchased or a particular outfit you feel fantastic wearing, it will help to walk into a social situation when you are feeling confident.


3.  Listen Up

If you are among new people, it may be overwhelming to join in the conversation. It’s perfectly fine to not be overly talkative, but it is important to listen attentively to the conversation and respond as needed, to show you are engaged.


4.  Come Together

Sometimes arriving at and walking into an unfamiliar place can be difficult. Try to arrange a ride with someone you know to help ease your way in.


5.  Prepare

Start preparing in advance. Get into the proper mindset leading up to the social situation by reminding yourself this is something you’re looking forward to.


6. Exit Plan

Give yourself a time frame to aim for and stick to it. If you tell yourself you are going to stay for one hour, then stick to it. However, don’t be a clock watcher counting down your minutes. Instead, staying engaged will make time pass quicker.


7.  Stay in the Loop

If you haven’t socialized in quite a while, be up to date on timely cultural happenings. You’ll be able to be a participant when current events are discussed.


8.  Remember Why You Came

Is it a gathering for someone you care about, an evening with potential new friends, or just a night out of the house? Whatever the reason that brought you out, think about how you may regret sitting at home, if you pass up this chance. You’ll feel so much better that you joined in instead of missing out.


Hopefully, following these tips will help you enjoy some socializing so you can lead a richer, more expansive life. Remember that there are so many introverts that share these same issues. You are not alone.


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