ipsy Galm Bag vs. ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Comparison between the standard ipsy Glam Bag subscription and the new ipsy Glam Bag Plus.


ipsy Galm Bag vs. ipsy Glam Bag Plus



Subscription beauty boxes are all the rage, even for older women. It is a convenient way to try new products you may not have known about otherwise.


Last month, I received an email from ipsy asking me to sign up for their new ipsy Glam Bag Plus. I have been an ipsy subscriber for a few years. I did leave for a short while to try a different subscription service, but I was not pleased with it and came back to ipsy. I thought this new ipsy Glam Bag Plus sounded interesting and so I signed up for it.


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What is ipsy? Ipsy is a subscription service that delivers you different beauty products each month, based on the profile you establish. You select the types of products you want to receive, and then once a month, an unmistakable pink shipping package arrives with 5 sample sized beauty products along with a make-up bag.


The new ipsy Glam Bag Plus offers 5 new beauty products to sample, the same as the standard Glam Bag….but the Plus gives you full-sized products, instead of sample.


When my upgraded ipsy subscription box arrived, I was excited to open it to see what new products I would get to try!


Ipsy Glam Bag Plus box after opening


The first impression I had was a little underwhelming, to say the least. The blue foam seemed out of place in this box, coming from a company known for their bright pink color. Not that I expected something fancy to pop out at me, but I did think the presentation could have been a little better.


After I removed the beauty products, I saw that the empty box read:


Don’t be pretty like them.
Be pretty like YOU.

I thought that was really cute. I have come to look forward to ipsy’s inspirational sayings. I just didn’t care for it on the inside of the flimsy box itself, which was a far cry from a Birchbox.


Have you tried Birchbox? It’s the same type of subscription service as ipsy, but instead of receiving your products with a glam bag, you get a decorative box. Previous glam bags have included inspirational sayings on business cards. My favorite sits on my desk.


You are beautiful card


This box, however, won’t be sitting on my desk. It will be sitting in the recycle bin because I’ll have a hard time re-purposing it, unlike a sturdy Birchbox.


*I am not reviewing the products that came in the ipsy Glam Bag Plus today. I haven’t even opened or tried any of them yet. The box just arrived and this is simply my review of the upgraded service. It’s also just my opinion.*


Having stated that I am not reviewing the products, please know that I am comparing them against what I have received previously in the standard ipsy Glam Bag.


ipsy pricing


In the photos below, I have included the flowers so you can see how the sizes relate to each other.


Comparing product sizing


The top photo shows items I have previously received from ipsy. The bottom photo shows what I got today in the upgraded Glam Bag Plus. Again, I am underwhelmed. Many times in the past, I have received much larger than a sample size. Perhaps that will come to an end now that they are offering upgraded subscriptions containing only full-sized beauty products. 


I have discovered many of my favorite go-to beauty products that I use regularly through the standard ipsy subscription. I sampled them and enjoyed them enough to buy in full-size. There have also been quite a few items that I’ve tried and not cared for. It was never a big deal, since they were only sample sized anyway. I might not be so forgiving with receiving full-sized products that I don’t care for, as they would go to waste collecting dust at a higher price tag.


I’ve mentioned the glam bag that is included in the standard service. I didn’t get one in the upgraded service. Did they forget to send it? I don’t really know. I’m not sure how they can call it Glam Bag Plus and not include a glam bag! Below are some of the glam bags I’ve gotten in the past.


Ipsy Glam Bags


Sorry, ipsy. I just don’t find this new Glam Bag Plus to be a great value. I do love receiving the standard ipsy each month in the mail, and will be going back to that service ASAP.



Have you tried the new subscription box? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag vs. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus”

  1. Alma

    I dont think you read the fine print. With the plus subscription, you get a glam bag every 3 months. It’s a larger glam bag, so that one is only done quarterly.

    1. Alma, thank you for pointing that out. I did not see that at all, probably because I just clicked on the upgrade without spending a lot of time to see what exactly it entailed 🙂

  2. I love the glam bag plus and have received full sized eye/face pallets in every box among face cream, face lotion, cleanser, foundation, powder, and packs of quality makeup brushes.( different than ones I have) No more makeup bags to store or figure out what to do with it or tiny samples.

    1. Clare

      Do you know if the products featured in the glam bag plus are the same as featured in the regular glam bag? I can’t find this answer anywhere and no one from the company answers emails

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