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Journaling is a proven method for managing anxiety. Anxiety looks and feels different to everyone,
but one thing for certain is journaling has a calming effect and helps release built-up stress.

Introducing the


Journal for Anxiety Bundle Pack

Gain a deeper understanding and awareness by journaling to ease your anxiety.


This bundle features 3 items:

  • Informative ebook explaining the benefits of journaling for anxiety
  • Printable anxiety symptom tracking journal to help you find your anxiety triggers
  • Printable guided journal filled with prompts and affirmations

How to Journal to Release Anxiety Book

How To Journal To Release Anxiety

  • Over 40-pages to help you learn to develop new anxiety coping techniques
  • An in-depth explanation of the different types of journaling 
  • Strategies to ease your anxiety through journaling
  • Tips to receive the most benefit from journaling, plus prompt ideas

How to Release Anxiety With Journaling

Anxiety Symptom Tracking Journal


Anxiety Symptom Tracking Journal

  • Printable tracking journal that can be reprinted as often as necessary. 
  • Designed to help you sort your anxiety symptoms to discover your triggers and patterns. 
  • Includes trigger worksheet, symptom and mood chart, worry log, nighttime anxiety tracking and deep thought prompts.



Anxiety Symptoms Tracking

Anxiety Journal & Affirmations

Anxiety Journal and Affirmations

  • Printable pages that can be reprinted as often as necessary. 
  • Designed to calm anxiety through thought-provoking prompts and affirmations. 
  • Includes 25 journal prompts along with 25 affirmations 
  • In-depth guided exercises and doodle pages to help you visualize your thoughts

Anxiety Journal

Initially I thought that this workbook was just going to help me with my personal anxieties, however I can pull it out and list journal for some quick relief while at work.  Since I started journaling I have become more self aware and positive. Thank you!
– Danielle F.

Anxiety has affected so many people recently. It is perfectly normal to experience anxiety in stressful situations, but there’s no reason for you to struggle through it without help. This package is designed to assist you in reducing and managing your anxiety symptoms to help you overcome them quicker.


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For a limited time, I am adding a special bonus to this introductory offer! I’m including the top-selling My Self-Love Journal at no additional cost.


My Self-Love Journal includes:


+ 25 Self-Love Journal Prompts

+ 25 Self-Love Affirmations

+ Journal Pages for Thoughts

+ Journal Pages for Doodles

+ Convenient Printable PDF


My Self-Love Journal Pages


Anxiety Journal Bundle Pack




My Self-Love Journal

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This journal bundle comes zipped and extracts to printable PDF files.

This is a digital file only, no physical item will be sent.

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