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Take control of your menopause symptoms!


All women will eventually enter into menopause, whether we like it or not. We’ve all heard the horror stories about hot flashes, night sweats and loss of sex drive that will happen in menopause. The truth of the matter is, we all experience menopause differently.



Some women will not have any symptoms, others will have a few symptoms, and there are some that will have severe and extreme symptoms. There isn’t a one-size fits all way to manage menopause – but, with the help of the Menopause Symptoms Tracking Journal, you are able to learn your symptom patterns and possible triggers.



Tracking Journal for Menopause Symptoms


Chart and compare your:


red check markSymptoms by day

Check off physical, mental and pain-inducing symptoms that
you experience day or night to learn how often they occur


red check markAnxiety levels

Note how irritable you were, how your mood affected
you, and the severity of your anxiety levels


red check markPeriod cycle tracking

Follow your fluctuating period cycle by charting the days you had
your period, when you had cramping, and how light/heavy the flow was


red check markPossible triggers

Recount what may have triggered a symptom and
how you were able to handle it


red check markMedication log

Make a notation of any medication, including over-the-counter,
that you take to subside any symptom


red check markDaily exercise

Record any day that you have 30 or more
consecutive minutes of exercise


red check markSleep diary

Track your daily activity before bed, the time you go to bed,
the time you fall asleep, when you wake and rise, and anything
that caused sleep disruption during the night




By following your symptoms and patterns closely, you will be able to share this info with your health care provider to discuss the best way to treat YOUR menopause symptoms.




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