midlife crisis ahead

Midlife is the central period of a person’s life. It is generally considered to encompass the years between 40 to 65.


When I was younger, hearing the term “midlife” instantly made me think of a crisis. I imagined every middle-aged person would reach a point where they simply lost their mind, or shed their life like a snakeskin and took off for greener pastures. Movies and television played into that stereotype by showing us balding men, with open shirts baring hairy chests with lots of chains, driving around in a cherry red sports car with a young secretary at their side. But now that I’ve reached midlife myself, that vision makes me shake my head.  I don’t see myself or my peers that way. I don’t feel old and in crisis. At least, not like that.


Midlife certainly brings many new facets to our lives. Our children are grown. Our parents are aging. Our bodies are different. The changes are never ending. So while there are plenty of new worries and issues to deal with, I don’t feel the need to be dramatic and call it a “crisis”.


Midlife doesn't Need To Be a Crisis

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I hope you will join Cool Bean Living on the journey through midlife, where we can learn, grow, and celebrate this wonderful time together.


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Cheers to Midlife!




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