DIY Large Trivet Mod Podge Hot Plate

Quick and easy DIY Mod Podge craft requiring just a few supplies to make a large hot plate.


Today was a miserable day here. It snowed! Ugh. So much for spring. I thought March was supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb. Apparently, it’s a snow-white lamb.


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Cool Bean Living DIY Mod Podge Large Trivet


So, being a cold, dreary day, I thought I would work on a craft project that I had meant to get to for a while. It’s a pretty quick DIY project, not counting time to dry. It’s also very easy, making this a great project for beginner DIYers.


Needed supplies:



Optional supplies, if desired:



Supplies for Mod Podge Large Trivet


I got my 12 x 12 ceramic tile at Lowes for $0.89. All the other supplies can be found online or at any craft store, like Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics and Crafts, or Michaels.


The first step is to trim the scrapbook paper to be just slightly smaller in size than the tile. The sides of the tile will be left uncovered, so if you’d like to use your acrylic paint to paint the sides, do that now and let it dry thoroughly.


Once that is done, brush your Mod Podge all over the top of the ceramic tile. Be sure to cover all the way to the edges so the paper will not peel up. Carefully, position your scrapbook paper onto the tile. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.


Cover Ceramic Tile with Mod Podge


Let that set for a moment, then cover the top of the scrapbook paper with Mod Podge. 


Brush on Mod Podge


If you would like to use the clear acrylic coating spray, do so once the Mod Podge on the top has dried. I am not making this trivet for the purpose of placing hot pots and pans on top, it will only be used decoratively, so I’m skipping that step. What I will do, however, is add 2 more coats of Mod Podge. I’ll give it about an hour between each coat, just to make sure it’s fully dried. This will give it a nice sheen.


After it is completely dried, you can add your felt (or self-adhesive cork) to the backside of the tile. I affix the felt with Mod Podge, but feel free to use hot glue or tacky glue, if you prefer.  Beware, if you do not add anything to the back, the tile can, and probably will, scratch whatever surface you place it on. 


Aside from the 12 x 12 tile, there are different size ceramic tiles that you can use. The small 4 x 4 tiles make great coasters. You can usually find them for less than $0.20 each. There is also a medium 8 x 8 size tile, which goes for about $0.50 each. That is the size I use most often in my kitchen as a hot plate. 


Different Size Tiles


There are all sorts of different variations you can do. Instead of scrapbook paper, try old magazines or newspapers, decorative napkins or tissue paper…the possibilities are endless. Bundle 4 of the decoupaged 4 x 4 ceramic tiles together with some twine, and you have a great gift.


If you give this craft a try, please share a photo on Instagram and tag @coolbeanliving. I’d love to see your creation!


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  2. Kathi

    How do you make the tiles heat resistant to use as a hot plate?

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