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Confidential, affordable therapy without a commute.


People are more prone to seek out therapy now more than ever. The internet has made it easier to find the help you need, and professional online therapy is private, affordable, and convenient.


With licensed therapists right at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to take care of your mental health. Online therapy provides an accessible alternative for those who may not be able to afford in-person appointments. A robust list of features includes live video chat, email correspondence, and text messaging. Online therapy is also a great option for those living in rural areas, as well as anyone with a busy schedule or travel constraints.


Over 50% of Americans struggle with their mental health. Asking for support when you really need it is a sign of strength.

Needing help doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It means you are human.

Online therapy is a relatively new concept in the health industry. It is an alternative form of counseling and psychotherapy that allows people to speak with their therapist through the internet. It is interactive and allows for real-time messaging, voice and video chats, and file sharing which can be accessed on computers or mobile devices. The process involves an online assessment where clients complete a questionnaire about their needs, goals, and expectations for treatment before they are matched with a therapist who has similar qualifications and experience to best suit them. Once matched they can continue any type of therapy they feel comfortable with such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) psychotherapy.


What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that deals with mental health disorders by changing the behavior and the negative thoughts associated with these disorders. For example, if someone is suffering from anxiety, CBT will help them learn how to control their emotions by changing their thought patterns.


The goal of CBT is to be able to recognize and change negative thought patterns in order to prevent episodes of depression or anxiety. This can be achieved through learning new skills and techniques for handling stress or anger, as well as identifying more realistic ways of looking at life challenges.

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