Overcome Self-Doubt

Learn 9 different easy-to-follow strategies to help eliminate fear and self-doubt so that you can gain the confidence to accomplish new things and enjoy new opportunities.


Overcome Self-Doubt


Self-doubt, along with fear, can be debilitating. It becomes difficult to accomplish even the smallest successes or enjoy life when we doubt our capabilities. It becomes easy to avoid situations that trigger our fears, which severely limits how we approach situations in our life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


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The best things in life are usually found waiting on the other side of self-doubt and fear. It’s time to start seizing your opportunities!


9 Strategies to Help Overcome Self-Doubt



1. Work Up to It


Dreams are not realized in the shadows of self-doubt


Start small. Before jumping headfirst into your greatest fear, jump feet first into something smaller. Look at the things that make you just a little bit uncomfortable and force yourself to do them. It may not be easy at first, but you’ll notice it will become a bit easier to do the next time.


Prove to yourself that you are not all talk and that you really can move past your fears. You will begin to believe in yourself.


2. Ask Yourself Why

Why are you experiencing this self-doubt? You have to examine the source. Why are you holding yourself back? Is it a reasonable source? You may just find that there is no solid reason to be doubting yourself at all.


3. Stay in the Present

Keep your thoughts here and now. When we start looking into the future, that’s where the worry sets in. We tend to assume the worst when we look ahead. Stay focused on now and you’ll find that your fears begin to go away.


4. Create a Plan


It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not


Put together a plan for dealing with the worst-case scenario. If that happened, how would you handle it? Once you know how it can be dealt with, you’ll be much more confident in your ability to deal with it should it arise.


5. Take a Breath

Sometimes the best thing we can do to overcome our self-doubt is to just relax and take a deep breath. We will see more clearly when we stop for a moment and kick those inner doubts out of our minds.


6. You’re Not Perfect

Perfection is not attainable! Pursuing it only creates anxiety. Realize that no one is perfect. The people that you see going out there and achieving the things you want to achieve – they aren’t perfect either. The difference is that they have set their fears and self-doubt aside in order to move forward. You can do the same.


7. Write It Down

Journaling to overcome your self-doubt will help you develop greater knowledge and awareness. Once your fears and self-doubts are written out, you’ll be able to learn ways to cope with them.

Just the act of writing down your anxious thoughts and feelings can help enormously. By writing it down, you are letting it go.


8. Listen

Listen to the encouraging words of an expert. It will help give you the lift you need to forge ahead. I always enjoy listening to Mel Robbins Take Control of Your Life : How To Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game when I need a good boost of encouragement. Give her a listen.


9. Just Do It

Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt


Getting started is always the hardest part. Taking some action to move forward is one of the best ways to overcome your fear and self-doubt.


How much more could you accomplish if you were able to overcome fear and self-doubt? Avoid the urge to give in to these emotions. You can be and experience more.


Don’t allow self-doubt to limit your life! I have developed a printable workbook that aims to help you through a difficult situation, such as dealing with self-doubt and building up your inner strength.


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I know if you put these strategies to work you will begin to overcome your fears and self-doubts.  

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