Cultivating a positive mindset can help you to feel happier, healthier, and become more successful in life.

Introducing the


Positive Mindset Toolkit


A collection of printable tools that will help to improve a negative mindset with exercises focused on positive thoughts, a growth mindset, and by eliminating limiting beliefs.



This toolkit features 8 items:


red check markGuide to a growth mindset

red check markAffirmation & positive statement worksheet

red check markGuided mindset journal prompts

red check markPositive habit tracker

red check markDaily mindset planner

red check markPositive mindset workbook

red check markBullet journal

red check markPositivity posters


1. Positive Growth Mindset Guide

positive mindset guide book


  • How to change negative thoughts to positive
  • How to change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset
  • A growth mindset worksheet
  • Thought patterns and how to adjust them

Growth Mindset


2. Affirmations


positive mindset affirmations


  • When affirmations are useful 
  • 20 positive affirmations 
  • Positive statement samples
  • Affirmation worksheet




growth mindset affirmations


3. Guided Journal Prompts

guided mindset journal prompts


  • 30 In-depth guided prompts to stimulate a positive mindset
  • Includes 4 motivational posters 
  • Note and doodle pages to help you visualize your thoughts

Guides Journal Mindset Prompts


4. Habit Tracker

positive mindset habit tracker


  • 4 different types of trackers
  • Daily, monthly, and yearly habit tracking 
  • Single habit and multi habit tracking

mindset habit tracker


5. Daily Mindset Planner

daily mindset planner


  • Includes a yearly look ahead
  • 20 affirmations to begin the week 
  • Record daily thoughts, goals, victories, and more
  • Weekly mindset reflections

daily positive mindset planner


6. Positive Mindset Workbook

Positive mindset workbook

  • In-depth exercises that modify thought behavior
  • Thought-provoking releasing and embracing of feelings
  • Understand negative thought types and how they relate
  • Learn a 4-step process to challenge negative thoughts
  • Catch, check, and change negative thoughts to positive

positivity workbook


7. Bullet Journal

bullet journal


  • 10 reprintable blank journal pages
  • 10 reprintable grid journal pages 

journal for printing


8. Positive Mindset Posters

Positive Thoughts


  • 17 printable positive mindset, motivational posters

motivational posters


It’s not always easy to be positive. Let’s face it, we live in a stressful world. We face plenty of challenges and have numerous obligations, so it’s no wonder it can be hard to put on a smile and think optimistically sometimes.


But a positive outlook can do wonders for you!


It can relieve stress, ward off illness, help you live longer, and even attract other positive people to you. Positive thinking can generally make your life much better, so making an effort to bring more positivity into your life is worth the effort.


To help you get there, I’ve put together this toolkit as an easy way to help you gain more positivity in your life on a daily basis.


Ready to download your toolkit?




red check mark166 black & white pages

red check markPrintable PDF files

red check markAvailable in 3 sizes:
A4, A5, US letter



Positive Mindset Toolkit



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