Overcoming Difficulties Workbook



Building up your inner strength!



Do you find yourself up against a difficult situation without being sure how to overcome it? It can be so overwhelming that it affects every aspect of your life.


This self-help workbook is the perfect tool to assist in building up your personal inner strength by guiding you through any tough circumstance you may be facing.


Nobody has ever overcome diversity by sitting still.


This workbook features over 40 pages of easy-to-follow lessons and prompts to work through developing a better sense of self and personal growth, with the goal of being able to overcome challenging situations and circumstances.


Overcoming Your Difficulties


Workbook offers in-depth exercises on:


red check markRealizing There is an Issue

Facing the problems you are challenged by


red check markUnderstanding Why There is an Issue

Figuring out if the issue is in your control or out of your control


red check markLearning to Care for Yourself

Understanding how important self-care is


red check markHow to Stop Neglecting Those That Care

Quit shutting out family and friends


red check markBecoming Disciplined

Becoming committed to solving the challenging circumstance


red check markCreating Structure

Good habits will help your mind and body


red check markManaging Your Stress

Relieving stress before it becomes detrimental to your health


red check markLeaving Behind a Difficult Circumstance

Weaving through tough decision making


red check markEarning a Sense of Fulfillment

Finding passion for something new or old


red check markSeeking Out Support

Looking outside the box for help


red check markBecoming a Better Person

How improving your mindset will be beneficial


red check markDeveloping a Plan

Preparing for success and not failure


red check markHow to Not Become Overwhelmed

Learning to stand up for yourself


red check markHow to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Understanding that certain people will never be satisfied


red check markLearning How to Believe in Yourself

Finding a purpose is crucial to the ability to overcome problems


red check markBettering Yourself Through Your Struggles

Improving through life lessons


red check markWatching Your Words

Stop using negative talk


red check markBecoming an Example for Others

Being good to others can benefit your mindset and improve a situation


red check markBeing Thankful

Learn ways to show gratitude



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