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Understanding Menopause
Understanding Menopause

Understanding what to expect can help you ease into menopause


Women can start experiencing menopausal symptoms as young as in their 30’s and 40’s. Most times, menopause begins in the early 50’s. Are you aware of what to expect?


Menopause has long since been a taboo subject. It just wasn’t spoken about openly. This is quite silly considering menopause doesn’t pick and choose. Each and every woman will enter into menopause.

Inside Understanding Menopause we take an in-depth look at:

Perimenopause and hormones

Knowing when estrogen production declines
Insulin resistance
Lower progesterone
Perimenopause transition


Irregular periods

Heavy bleeding
Non-hormonal factors


Hot flashes

Risk factors
Tracking your symptoms


Itchy skin

Why estrogen plays a role in dry skin
Information on dry skin
Other skin problems
How to cope with itchy skin


Weight gain

Hormones and their effect on weight gain
Tips to combat weight gain in menopause


Gum disease

Estrogen and gum disease
Osteoporosis connection
Periodontal disease increases heart disease risk


Tension headaches
Sinus headaches
Natural ways to find relief


Vaginal dryness

What causes vaginal dryness
Ways to deal with vaginal dryness


Sex drive

Understanding loss of libido
Causes for diminished sexual desire


Blood pressure

Symptoms of low BP
Reasons for low BP
Managing low blood BP


Gut issues

Irritable Bowels
Benefits of probiotics


Colon health

Noticeable changes
Bowel incontinence
Stomach gas

Understanding Menopause
Bonuses for Understanding Menopause eBook

As a bonus, I am including:

7 Common Menopause Myths 


Natural Treatments for Menopause

Knowledge is power. Learning and understanding what you may be up against is vital to the challenges faced during the transition into menopause. Being prepared is your best defense.

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