health and wellness recommended products for women
recommended products for women over 40

This is a collection of some of my very favorite self-care and wellness products geared towards midlife women. I currently use or have previously enjoyed using each, and recommend them. 


*In full disclosure, I may receive a small commission if you purchase through a link provided here. However, it will not increase your cost in any way. I have tried to find specials and/or discounts for you and have listed them below, but they are subject to change at any time. If you have a question about any of the products below, I will do my best to answer for you.

Madison Reed at home hair color


This is at-home salon-quality hair color. I have been using Barletta Brown for 2 years and I love it! The color lasts much longer than drug store brands (and I’ve tried them all). It doesn’t dry my hair out or remove the shine. It covers my grays and leaves me with a beautiful multi-tone natural look.

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Rosalique Anti Redness Miracle Formula


I love this stuff! It calms and conceals facial redness. I laughed when I first got it because it calls itself a miracle formula—but that is a perfect description. A little of this stuff goes a long way. I use a tiny dab on my cheeks and my nose (where my rosacea is the worst) and then after rubbing it in, I’ll use any excess from my fingers or brush on my forehead and chin for an even look. On most days, I don’t even use a foundation on top of it.

Cool-Jams comfort sleepwear


This is temperature regulating sleepwear. If you have ever had night sweats then you know how important it is to stay cool and dry in order to get some sleep. These pajamas, hands down, changed my sleep quality. They are a super comfy, dry-wicking material and worth every penny.



Let's Get Checked Testing Kits


These are at-home health testing kits. I have ordered the omega-3, thyroid, and colon screening kits and have found them to be simple and discreet. Results come quickly via email, and can easily be shared with your doctor if needed. They have many different personal home test kits available, and I plan on trying the female hormone test next.

Therabox monthly wellness subscription


This is a monthly self-care box. I get so excited when my shipment arrives! Everything inside is uplifting,  geared towards wellness and improving my mindset. There’s always an impressive assortment of high-quality, full-size items that are perfect for pampering my mind, body, and soul. Deal: 10% off storewide with code MYTHERABOX10

Theraderm skincare


Theraderm is a skincare company. They offer many products for mature skin, but my favorite is the Enriched Facial Moisturizer. It’s rare that I find something that doesn’t irritate my rosacea, and even more rare to find something specifically formulated to soothe my inflamed skin. This stuff is the bomb and I use it each and every day. 

Welltopia Menopause Tea


This is menopause support tea. The company actually has several supplements to ease many of the symptoms of menopause – but the tea is outstanding! I love having it chilled. I find it helps to reduce my hot flashes, but my favorite part is I notice I have better mental clarity and less brain fog.

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Kindra Vaginal Lotion


Kindra makes menopause care products. I haven’t tried everything but am wowed by the daily vaginal lotion.  It contains no hormones and the applicator makes it super easy to apply. It’s no secret that painful sex and dryness occur as we age, and this daily treatment has been simply amazing!

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Intimacy Deck for better relationships


This is a card deck with discussion prompts. After 33 years of marriage, I would have thought we knew everything about each other, but nope! The questions are easy to answer but still deep and insightful. We’ve found it’s a great way to spend quality time together – much more fun than watching TV! 

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