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Meet MaryJo


Hi, my name is MaryJo. I live in a quiet little Western New York town, once named the safest place in America, and currently on the Money Magazine Best Places to Live in Every State list.


I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend. I’m also a  “dog mom” to my aging beagle and anxiety-ridden papipoo.


Two of my three children have grown and flown the coop, and are now living several time zones away. The last chickadee is enjoying his senior year of high school and preparing to leave for college in the fall. I do still have my dogs living at home…at least until they decide to leave, too.


I work at an outpatient mental health office and am a freelance graphic designer. I enjoy home DIY projects, and have a weird obsession for all things 1970’s. I am a die-hard fan of the Buffalo Bills (go ahead, make your jokes, I’m sure I’ve heard them all before). If I could be anywhere, doing anything, I’d choose to be on a beach reading a book by day, and jumping around at a rock concert at night.


While blogging may be new to me, I have had a presence on the web since 1996. Back then, I was creating a website with a weekly Classic Rock music trivia game. Since the internet was still in its infancy, you had to actually know the answers to my questions because Google didn’t even exist yet!


I owned and maintained several different types of websites throughout the years, until I eventually began creating digital logos, banners and various web graphics for the WAHM (work at home mom) community.

This year, I celebrated my 50th birthday and 30th wedding anniversary, two pretty big milestones. It was a perfect opportunity to take a look at where I am and where I’d like to be. Midlife seems to have crept up on me, so my intention with Cool Bean Living is to write about things important to myself and others regarding middle aged issues. No topic is off limits, so if there is something you’d like to learn more about, please let me know.


Take a look around. Read some things. Comment. I’d love to hear from you. And please, join me on my journey…


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